21 Oct 2014

Even Hypnotherapists Need A Hand Sometimes!

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Aside from the usual questions about making people quack like a duck etc, I’m often asked if I can Hypnotise myself. The short answer is yes- I often use self-hypnosis to make changes whether it be for a quick confidence boost, a limiting belief that needs changing or any other of the myriad of strange things that go on in my mind! This does not mean that as a hypnotherapist I can change everything going on inside my head just by going into a hypnotic state- sometimes, even a Hypnotherapist needs Hypnotherapy. The other thing is that being Hypnotised feels really good! It is like having a massage, or a day at the Spa so I try to get a hypno fix whenever I have the opportunity.

You could liken this situation to that of a hairdresser- they are perfectly able to style their own hair or even give themselves a trim now and again if their fringe is getting a bit wonky, but if they needed a major restyle, they would get it done by another hairdresser.

There is a story in the Cambridge News this week which exemplifies this perfectly- Steve Miller, a TV Hypnotherapist and weight loss expert on the show Fat Families called on the help of another Hypnotherapist, Dan Regen to help him with his phobia of blood which he has had since his school days.

After just two sessions, Steve’s phobia was gone!

Read about Steve’s story by clicking on the link below and contact me if you want to break free from a limiting phobia now!