30 Sep 2014

Because of my possibly unnatural interest in phobias, I receive e-mails every day updating my of the latest news stories about phobias from Google.

I’ve noticed that in the last two weeks, the media seems to have gone crazy over a very common phobia which strikes fear in many people, but which could easily be resolved very quickly- the dreaded S-word, Spiders!

Apparently, the weather conditions over the past few months have contributed to an increase in the population of S’s and because it’s the time of year where out little friends start to move indoors to avoid the elements, and so the media has, in their usual sensationalist zeal, decided this is an invasion!

Perhaps I am over sensitive because I have seen, probably more than most people, how much terror the S’s can cause, but do they have nothing better to report on? More to the point, why do they have to accompany their reports with larger than life pictures of various S’s from common to exotic?

I know the media like to spread a bit of fear now and again, but don’t drag our little 8-legged friends into it! More to the point, when arachnophobia is so common, why scare the crap out of a large percentage of the population by covering it in the papers!

By the way, if you are wondering why I am only referring to them as S’s, it is partly in jest, but in reality, some people’s phobias are so bad, even the mention of the word is enough to elicit a phobic response.

If the little beggars freak you out, come and see me- I’m offering a 25% discount for this particular phobia for the whole of October. All you need to do is quote the discount code “S-Word” when enquiring!